Murder Mystery Show in Pigeon Forge: Hours, Prices

The Murder Mystery show in the great smoky mountains has made all entertainment experiences lively enough with its outstanding mayhem, murder, and mystery brands. Frequent followers, local and foreign tourists never forget to come back for the best food, exceptional entertainment, and beautiful sceneries in place.

The murder mystery show is usually a small, intimate theater with perfect, up-close interactive shows. The original traditional restaurant-styled murder mystery is played out all over their dining room, assuring every seat its perfection. All this has made this place the pinnacle of leisure with the trajectory of massive shows and events.

What to Know About the Murder Mystery Dinner Show Pigeon Forge

Murder Mystery Dinner Show
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The classical Murder Mystery show is located in Pigeon Forge, TN. It has a wide variety of notable things you should know before planning a visit. These range from the tasty meals available to how you can book your space at this joint show event. Most of these services aid in creating a serene environment for entertainment and fun of all kinds.

Opening Hours

The theater typically opens at 6:30 pm or 8:00 pm, and the show runs for 1hour 45 minutes. Audiences can have their reservation on time, but this is not mandatory for any event. However, it is advisable to book it before to avoid any inconveniences. During holidays the theater quickly fills up because of many guests who come and grace the place—the holidays on Christmas Eve, News Year’s Eve, and other special occasions.

 Tickets and Prices

Their prices are usually subsidized to fit your wallet to avoid extra costs that are not budgeted for. These prices vary according to the generalized policies of the management of pigeon forge. Here are the prices:

  • Children $25.95 plus tax
  • Adults $44.66 plus tax
  • Children under the age of 3 attend freely.

Getting a ticket for the shows is simply effortless. You will access it on the Murder Mystery Show online platform at any given time at the comfort of your couch. It’s that simple, do not be left behind! The Murder Mystery Show has also partnered with the memories theatre, and you can get your special combination deal for children at $25 and $65 for adults, which will enable you to get shows at both places.

The Dinner

The theater serves a four-course American-style food which is extremely enjoyable. Their kitchen also provides whooping tasty vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free meals that can satisfy your nerves and feel very healthy. Some of these best kinds of plates include:

  • Carnegie Deli-style Cheesecake
  • Loaded potato soup
  • Vegetarian or spinach lasagna
  • Savory pork tenderloin and over-roasted chicken

Unforgettable Shows at the Smoky Mountain Murder Mystery Pigeon Forge

Spectaculars shows at this place have a thrilling sense that will ignite your adrenaline. Most of these sidesplitting parody-style shows played every week are nothing but the best. The super orchestrated antics have a mix that will make you “Laugh ‘til you die.”

The audience will also get an opportunity to become an actor or solve the murder by using the clue packet provided at the seat. Let’s look at some of the best shows at murder mystery pigeon forge that you will encounter.

Who Shot the Sheriff?

Who Shot The Sheriff
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The interactive and fun murder mystery dinner show makes law and order go awry. Mysterious events at the front with gleeful comic wonder will pour all your laughter. The mouthwatering 3-course meal at the theater will surely delight your moment. It is a fast-paced two-hour show that will edge you on your seat while enjoying your savvy drink with the storyline unfolding before you.

Miss Kitty’s Drinkin’ stump local saloon patron will keep everything in place for you and even the scrappy visitors. You will encounter the great Sheriff Dill Dillon as the star of the show, the overall peacekeeper. Keeping the Dodge City safe is challenging, mainly when dastardly fellows roll in the town.

Furthermore, you should accompany Sheriff Dillon and his band of crazy saloon-goers as he provides security to the Dodge City to catch murder along the way.

Throughout this imaginative journey, ensure you observe well to examine the possible clues and solve the problem. Be attentive enough to avoid suspicious bartenders and whacky locals as you help Sheriff Dillon ensure safety in Dodge City from nefarious visitors. Audience participation is also the best live-action you can engage in.

You will mingle with funny cast members as they perform to bring the exciting story all over your eyes. Those who prefer sleuthing will sit back and note suspects as they observe from afar. All these super antic events in the evening will enlighten the riddle horizon. Be ready also to channel your Sherlock Holmes and ensure the safety of Dodge City is guaranteed.

Marriage Can Be Murder

Marriage Can Be Murder
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Nobody has alluded that getting married is easy, neither is it murder. The hilarious evening antics at the Great Smoky Mountain Murder Mystery Dinner Show Theater will uncover all mysteries why marriage is a standing murder in itself. The fantastic experience at Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg has ironized this place to be a holiday vacation site.

Just sit in your comfortable seat and watch the exploding mayhem at Lisa and Michael’s wedding. The grumpy and imposing in-laws to the incompetent wedding planner and the missing minister will quickly erupt the day to a disaster. These will seem to be mere problems, but chaos will consume the celebration when the real issues come to play, with wedding guests dropping like flies.

All occasion unfolds to an unprecedented situation, and this is the area you will have to apply your sleuthing skills to test by observing the clues as you shuffle down the suspected pool of murders. During the actual murder mystery fashion, actresses and actors mingle all over the room as plot unstitches.

It is the point you will have to determine who the killer is. The outstanding show stands typically for about two hours, and you will feel like a guest at Michael and Lisa’s wedding to the lively action.

In addition, as clues unravel, you will enjoy the fantastic acting and sidesplitting comedy, providing an excellent atmosphere for everyone who attends the show. The plenty of fun is all over the seen ranging from getting in touch with funny shenanigans or choosing to participate in the antics and enjoy the opportunity for murderous fun.

Moonshine Murders

It is a two-hour comedy show that engages the audience like the story of Luke unfolds. The Luke’s, the local brewers of moonshine, set a pitch in brewing their business project to fit the audience preference. Humor, suspense, and good food are your underlying mystery-solving skills that will bring all family members and friends to enjoy the dinner and create new memories.

Being a replica of the beloved and famous Dukes of Hazard Television Show, you will lovely engage in the unique events in the show. While the business deals take place, things go awry since the Boss Boar Celebrity concert featuring Elvis also happen at the same time.

Characters like Duke, Lisa, and Uncle Bessie, decide the hassle-free direction of their family business to follow while having moonshine-fueled hijinks and avoiding jail at all costs.

This point is when you will sit back at your seat as the plot unfolds because viewer participation is not encouraged. The actors and actresses dressed up in their costumes will mingle about in the room as they perform, racking up moments with comedy and fun sleuthin’ test skills will wrap up into classic whodunit styling’s that will lighten your laughter.

The show is ideal for all ages and thus suitable for families who enjoy the fun together. All the classical acting and showmanship combined solve the evening intrigues you may have. Is this not great? Do not stay and wait; book your ticket and enjoy the show.

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This place’s ambiance, class, and prestige are outstanding in getting the best entertainment ever. Get out and enjoy the beautiful shows that will crack your nerves to never-ending laughter. The super antics, great meals, and humorous performances will elevate your spirits to a high end. Just plan yourself well and experience the best moments of your life that you will live to remember.

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