The Pirate Voyage Show in Pigeon Forge: Prices, Tips

There is no dispute when we tell the truth about the pirate show pigeon forge! It has typically gained a lot of reputation for a long time from the wide range of events you can encounter. All activities here have countless options ranging from shopping, dining, and lodging. The best spots with all winning shows all over will ironize your holiday vacation to lifetime memory like no other.

Your family members, friends, and everybody on board who visits here will get the taste of their feeling in any season of the year, whether summer or winter. The orchestrated spectacle of this place from aerial view not only withstands to be a place to tour but also to make fun and enjoy the life you will live to tell.

How Much is The Pirate Show in Pigeon Forge?

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The ticket prices typically vary for children and adults. The regular admission seating for adults is $49.99, and children above three years will pay $29.99 to book a place inside the pirate show in pigeon forge. Kids below three years do not pay any penny, provided they share a seat with a member of their party.

Booking a ticket is very easy since you will access it on their online platform. Entering and exiting the show involves waiting in the lobby before being allowed to the theatre. Most newcomers are escorted and shown all places of events to minimize any inconveniences.

The pirate voyage has a fantastic combination with the entirely memorable undertaking of the best course and food where the quality is not compromised. The brilliant country music also comes in handy with the best dinner for which the Queen of Countries endeavors is known. You should also prepare yourself well to enjoy the adventures of a beautiful mermaid, sword pirate fighting crew, and Captain Blackbeard.

How Long Does the Pirate Show Last in Pigeon Forge?

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The show usually takes one and a half hours. It may seem very short, but the real essence here is the taste, enjoyment, and fun activities that spike your adrenaline. Furthermore, the massive trajectory of events is orderly with limited distractions at any given time.

The office box usually opens 45 minutes before the show starts, and doors are opened 30 minutes before Showtime, ensuring a properly organized event. It is also not advisable to show up 45 minutes before show time if you are not patient enough to wait. In a nutshell, all shows have a time frame allocated for each event to reduce time wastage and provide a suitable environment for events to take place.

The most delicious four-course feast is served as the show begins, taking first the Buccaneer Biscuit and Voyager creamy vegetable soup with Swashbucklin’ sugar-cured Ham, cracklin’ pan-fried chicken, and herb-based potato followed by unlimited Tea, coffee, and Coca-Cola. Join the evening action-packed with romance, audience participation, and delicious food, which you will take memories home for a lifetime.

How Much is the Pirate Voyage Dinner and Show?

The pirate voyage has the sense it deserves. Any guest who arrives early will get an opportunity to find their seats and watch the superb pre-show antics. Ticket prices range from $49.04-$54.49 for adults and $23.97-$29.42 for children above three years. The ticket price comprises the cost of your dinner, so do not panic. Most shows start at 6 pm.

This area is best known as home to the famous country music star Dolly Parton. You will not miss hearing the original music score of this outstanding star. In addition, you will also encounter choreographed theatrical lightning, two pirate teams fighting, and hearing seafaring sounds. Watching the spectacular antics of the pirates and sea life will get you through your nerves, and it will be the moment you won’t forget.

Important Things to Know About the Famous Pirate Voyage Show Pigeon in Tennessee

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A good time awaits at pirate voyage with unforgettable attractions that bring the excitement of the sea to the great heart of Smoky Mountains. Keeping your pace of adventure and fun in one of the fine evenings at this place is a sensational experience. You will enjoy a good time while dining on a fabulous four-course feast with unique drinks in place.

This holiday vacation site has attracted a lot of tourists all over the world, who have enjoyed and made this place of great substance. Before you long to be in this place, it is pretty good to know why it is so famous. Here are other essential things to know about this place:

Where to Stay During the Visit in the Pirate Voyage

During your visit to pirate voyage pigeon forge, the most critical consideration is finding a great place for your stay. There are many beautiful and affordable cabins where you can place an order. The peaceful and scenic locations all over Smokies have everything in place.

Security is at an all-time high, with all magnificent amenities including a private deck, fabulous bedrooms, a fully furnished kitchen, and the best hot relaxing hub. However, all these cabin rentals can also be accessed online when applying for your ticket. That sounds good; your budget matters, having your stay here is that simple!

Ticket Information

Making your ticket reservation is simply easy. First, ensure you select your preferred date and time of the show on the calendar. Once you have chosen your ShowTime, you should also ensure to select the seating preference, either regular, handicap on the left or right part of the auditorium. Everything now will be in place, but do not forget to select which meal will be precisely good for you. Will it be gluten or vegetarian-free meal?

What to Expect About The Pirate Voyage in Pigeon Forge

Having dinner at the pirate voyage show directs you to a journey action-packed with Blackbeard’s most known pirate. You will connect with him and his quartermaster, Calico Jack, when they lead Sapphire and crimson ships through the land, the deck, and high over the water to buried treasure.

The Sapphire and Crimson are the best-sized pirate ships where pirates fight on land or water. These adventures take place all over the indoor hideaway lagoon, home to tropical birds and beautiful mermaids.

The Preview Fun Activities Before The Real Show

The pirate voyage show usually has spectacular orchestrated super antics, which are a welcome before the real show. These are the mermaid makeovers, flags, and costume accessories.

Interactive activities at the pirate village are well designed to make your spirits high and keep you hoping for more as you wait for the show. The mermaid and pirate packages are available at a fee, and you will have to book them in advance by contacting 865-505-2469 at the comfort of your place.

Menu Items

When we talk about the menu, some people will start to wonder. The dinner at this place comprises a delicious four-course meal accompanied by a super performance. You will start your meal with Buccaneer Biscuit and Creamy Voyager Vegetable soup.

Then enjoy the Cracklin’ Pan Fried-Chicken, Jolly Roger Sweet Potato Soufflé, and a Bone-in Pork Chop. It will be good to save room for dessert because your feast comes in handy with a mouthwatering walk, the Plank Peach Turnover. The feast will also not miss featuring unlimited Soda, Coffee, and Tea. Most of these American cuisines won’t miss upon request during the event.

Pirate Treasure

Ending your pirate voyage experience should be fun. Knowing the best keepsakes will elevate you to another level. The shop offers a variety of souvenirs and gifts like pirate hats, ceramic mermaids, handcrafted pirate ships, and plush toys, with many more.

You will love the immense environment of the pirate voyage, whether you are enjoying the ultimate feast, hunting hidden treasure, or taking the spectacle of the pirate-themed show. The pirate treasure should be a maritime experience you should not miss.

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This pirate show pigeon forge is the best place for entertainment. Anybody who visits this place has got a lot to tell. The adventure, feast, and fun in this place will not trickle away from your memories. Nothing has been left to chance; make your budget and organize your schedule to enjoy the bests moments of your lifetime!

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