4 Best Escape Rooms in Pigeon Forge: Clock is Ticking

Have you ever heard of the phrase “caught between a rock and a hard place”? Well, you are about to find out the true meaning of this saying-quite literally. Pigeon Forge escape rooms have the direct effect of moving your brain into Da Vinci mode as you struggle to find a way out.

If the idea of solving a puzzle is fun to you, an escape room will be a walk in the park, or will it? That’s for you to find out!

What Is an Escape Room?

Best Escape Rooms in Pigeon Forge
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Escape rooms are puzzle-like challenges where participating players race against time to be free. The aim is to get out of the escape room with as little time as possible and beat the previous score. Clues left in the room help you get around the challenges to solve the levels to the next escape. The game is usually played in sets to enhance collaboration.

Escape rooms are designed to be challenging to move out of, where players have to find hidden clues that might give them a chance of getting out. Focus is one thing a player must have when participating in an escape room. Anything can be part of the clues to advance you to the next stage of the escape. Your concentration will be a huge determinant of how fast you can get out of the room.

Top 4 Escape Rooms in Pigeon Forge

1. Smoky Mountains Escape Games

Smoky Mountains Escape Games
Source: @smokymountainescapegames
  • Address: 179 E Wears Valley Rd #24, Pigeon Forge, TN 37863, United States
  • Opening Time: Daily, 11 am-12 am
  • Tickets: Adults-$31.99 | Children $21.99

All the games in the escape experience are capped at 60 minutes, although you can take more time. But why not challenge your creativity and intelligence to beat the clock? The establishment has four escape rooms with 175 locks to freedom. It’s an experience suitable for friends and family, team building for corporates, tourists, and gamers. It’s a well-rounded escape experience with different themes; you cannot miss a favorite!

When participating in the games, there is no substance usage allowed. If not fully booked, the management reserves the right to fill in the vacancies with other members. Arrive early to have enough time to debrief and sign release forms-15 minutes will do. The establishment allows gift cards, with which you can pay for your loved ones to experience the escape in any of their themed games.

Participate in the following exciting themed escapes:

Orange and White

Do you believe in your ability to win against your friends in a race against time? Put your capabilities on the meter at the competition to see who is better, head to head. You are given identical rooms to solve the puzzle and escape the room in under 60 minutes. The best team goes home with the Competitors’ Cup. Who is that going to be? You, of course!

Alice and Adventures in Wonderland

Follow Alice in her dream of the rabbit hole in the meadow. Explore the wonderland down the rabbit hole with mystical, strange creatures. Will you be getting out anytime soon, or will the new world engulf you? Take your team of 4 and explore an escape for Alice from the crazy wonderland. Can you do it in under 60 minutes? Stop guessing and test yourself at the escape games in the Smoky Mountains Escape Games.

The Haunting

The Worthington Mansion is believed to be haunted by evil spirits. No one is certain if this is true, and investigators have been unable to unearth it. Is it true that the mansion is haunted, or is it fear-mongering? Put an end to this when you pursue the truth about the spooky mansion. Pick up the clues from previous paranormal investigators to try and solve this mystery.

The Mad Scientist

Help Dr. Fritz Von Hoffen clear his name and deliver the antidote to his ailing wife, Hilde. The Nucleus is composed of rogue scientists who plan to weaponize it and sell it to the highest bidder on the black market. Can you recover the antidote in time and help the Mad Scientist clear his name and save his wife?

Diamond Heist: The Perfect Robbery

The Star Dreams diamond is missing, and word is it’s in the Montgomery Bank & Trust, an entity known for money laundering and other criminal activities. Trusted intel puts the stolen diamond in a highly secure vault in the bank’s president’s office, Charles Montgomery III. Your task is to recover the diamond from his office before he comes back and return it to its rightful owner.

2. The Escape Game Pigeon Forge

The Escape Game Pigeon Forge
Source: @theescapegame
  • Address: 131 The Island Dr Suite 9139, Pigeon Forge, TN 37863, United States
  • Opening Time: Daily, 8 am-12 am
  • Tickets: $35.99 (Free for children aged 4 and below)

Get a thrilling 60-minute experience at The Escape Games Pigeon Forge by playing the themed escapes available. Explore how it feels to find stuff that everyone is looking for, with clues to guide you as you do so. Are you an enthusiast of investigations, or do you fantasize about being the “baddest” FBI agent? Well, your chance has never gotten so real until now.

The games are rated at 13+ years, with people under 18 having compulsory adult supervision. Here are the themes available at the center:

Prison Break

It’s the year 1955, and you are in jail with no parole option after a wrong accusation. Your cell has a history of an inmate who escaped and left clues for his escape. Can you uncover how the inmate went away and follow the steps to freedom? Test your intuitive nature as you follow the clues to try and find the escape route from the hell hole. And remember, the infamous prison warden is on patrol: don’t let him get to you, or that will be the end of you!

Gold Rush

Two centuries of gold hunting in the Northern California Hills drive Clyde Hamilton, a gold prospector, to the coveted search for gold. He goes missing in his quest, and he has gold already, according to the last reports. You get a tip about his last possible location where you might find his gold. But you have to compete against the mob, who also know the whereabouts of Clyde and his gold. Can you beat them in the gold rush? Because if you don’t, you might disappear as well when the mob gets their hand on you.

The Heist

The prestigious art piece is missing from the museum, and the masterminds have stashed it somewhere in the museum. It’s believed that the painting is in the curator’s office, where a mean Vincent Hahn was an insider in the job. Can you get to the curator’s office and recover the painting before he gets back? It’s a challenging puzzle to overcome, but thanks to your teamwork and creativity, you stand a good chance.

Mission: Mars

You are part of an exploration mission to Mars, and unfortunately, your ship has suffered major damage when landing. There is an eminent radiation wave bound for the red planet that will destroy the control systems of your spaceship. If this happens, there will be no hope for anyone from your team to see the earth again. Your task is to repair your spacecraft as fast as possible and leave the planet before the catastrophic radiation wave hits.


As a military intelligence officer, your team endeavors to get inside the head of the evil plan mastermind. You are to uncover the truth behind a planned international threat that is about to happen and endanger the lives of millions. Are you up to the task? Test your limits by following clues to complete the covet mission successfully and fast.

3. Trapped Escape Rooms

Trapped Escape Rooms
Source: @trappednashville
  • Address: 2530 Parkway Suite 22, Pigeon Forge, TN 37863, United States
  • Opening Time: Daily, 10.40 am-10.40 pm
  • Tickets: Adults-$28.99 | Children (6-12 years) $23.99

Trapped is the perfect enclosed space to explore your forensic skills and ability to coordinate. Immerse yourself in a daunting experience as you labor to escape from the labyrinth. Can you find the clues in time and make it out first? You can ask for a clue to get a head start, but asking for more than three clues will disqualify you from the leaderboard.

Test your brain’s puzzle-solving capabilities in one of the following offerings from the themed Trapped Escape Rooms games:


It’s 197 days after a zombie apocalypse engulfs the world, and most of the population has turned. Your family and friends are the “walking dead” now. You are out of food and water, and salvaging has proven impossible due to the lurking zombie threat. You and a small group of survivors strive to get out alive and catch the chopper that leaves in an hour. Will you “die” or will you make it to the savior helicopter?


Bellevue Psychiatric Asylum is in the shade with rumors of human experimentation and inhuman treatment. Find out the truth of the matter and avoid the doctors at the asylum-who knows what they might do to you if they catch you?


You are Frank Morris, prisoner # 4441-AZ in Alcatraz, the most secure prison in the world. Due to its high-security measures, the prison is almost impossible to get out of. But you are an internationally known jailbreaker, having escaped from many prisons in the country. Will your expertise prove to be fruitful in your Alcatraz jailbreak?


1937 Chicago is run by the gangs, and Al Capone, better known as “Scarface,” owns the streets. He has police and politicians in his pocket and practically anyone who means anything in the city. You are abducted by his gang in association with being an informant to the FBI. You are in a holding room, awaiting the “judgment” by the city judge and jury Scarface. Can you escape before the mafia boss comes to have a chat with you? You better; because he is not known for his compassion.

Haunted Cabin

When Old Ramsey dies, his coveted moonshine recipe and fortune are up for grabs. But his house is heavily guarded by his ghost. The ghost comes hourly to check on his property in the cabin. Can you make it into the cabin, find the fortune and the recipe, and be out of there before the ghost of Ramsey starts making rounds? Tick Tock!

4. The Great Escape Room Pigeon Forge

The Great Escape Room Pigeon Forge
Source: @TGERPIgeonForge
  • Address: 3784 Parkway Suite 102, Pigeon Forge, TN 37863, United States
  • Opening Time: Daily, 12 pm-10 pm
  • Tickets: Adults-$35.00 | Children (6-12 years) and military- $31.50

The Great Escape Room Pigeon Forge was voted the best escape room in America. It explores your skills in solving codes, cracking puzzles and combinations, and your problem-solving skills. Are you up to the task? Put your skills to the test when solving one of the renowned escape puzzles America has ever seen

Which of the escape rooms below do you think you can ace with speed and accuracy?

Poker Night at the President’s Bunker Escape Room

You are invited to a White House tour with your friends on your visit to Washington DC. The tour explores the core parts of the building, with the last stop at the presidential bunker used for emergencies. Suddenly, the door to the room closes after you go in, citing a security emergency. There’s a nuclear level Armageddon catastrophe about to go off, and only you and your team can neutralize the missile threat. The world depends on you, will you save the world in time?

Sherlock’s Study: What’s Up Watson? Scavenger Hunt Room

Sherlock and Watson have a lot of cases and need to employ outside help. They form a league of apprentices who will help solve these cases. The candidates have to complete a test at the library of their flat on 221b Baker’s Street. Do you have what it takes to join the League of Masters of Elementary Deduction? Pass this test, and Sherlock might just be your next boss!

Escape Artist: Final Seance Escape Room

Before his death in 1926, Harry Houdini and his wife Bess discussed that they will talk to each other after death. The revealing phrase will be “Rosabel, Believe” as a cue that they were communicating. But ten years later, after Houdini’s death, Bess hasn’t been successful in trying to reach her lover in the afterlife. Will you help Bess contact Harry in her final bout before she gives up forever?

Mountain Top Murders

Your estranged nana Hannah prefers solitude in the mountain cabin in her old age. You like your nana, and your hourly conversations are the only remaining link you got. Things escalate downhill as now it’s been a month since you last talked to nana. What happened to her? Explore the mountain terrain to the cabin and witness what happened to nana.


Escape rooms in Pigeon Forge will test your intelligence, whisk your adrenaline, and mask your fears with endearing but safe themes. You are tasked to be the star in these games, escaping as fast as you can, using the provided clues in the escape room. Are you up to the task? Bring your family and friends and enjoy the team effort to solve the escape room puzzles.

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